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Our Story

p.s. mister: Inc. develops innovative solutions for men's fashion using science and minimalist design.



Omar was a scientist and former medical school student who moved to Orlando in 2014. After proving his sales capabilities, he was selected to manage U.S. Marketing for an innovative surgical robotics company. He is passionate for people and books.

Watch his Pecha Kucha talk.

Adam is the CEO of a product distribution company and has worked with over 100 publicly traded companies. Adam's vision to give back to the community continues to be a driving factor in his life. 

Nicole's international heritage and background in financial administration & pharmaceuticals alongside her marketing studies at the University of Central Florida, enables her to help local start-ups flourish in the growing Orlando startup community.

She's a Star Wars fan-girl and randomly quotes scenes from Frozen and Pride & Prejudice. 

Anthony is an African Immigrant who's passionate about leveraging technology and social business to solve problems in the developing world. 


Jacob won his battle against cancer at a very young age and realized that if he could overcome death, he could overcome anything. Barringer strives to not only be an effective leader of his peers, but a leader that leaves a lasting positive impact on the world.